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  • hostgw is  netdao Limited brand
  • One-Stop Service

    ICT Solution, Site Selection, Hardware Procurement, Connectivity, Deployment, Maintenance and Support
  • Attractive Margins

    Attractive Reseller Programs for 1Tbps+Asia-Optimized IP Transit, Leased Line, SD-WAN, and Data Center Resources
  • Around The Clock Support

    24x7 Support, 13 Years + Experience
  • Customized Solutions

    Tailored Made Solutions Based on Leading Hardware Platforms, Hosted in Tier 3 Data Centers in Global Internet Hubs
  • Secure

    Fast, Secure Connectivity Between Any Public, Private, Bare-Metal Clouds Anywhere
  • DDoS Mitigation

    1Tbps+ DDoS Mitigation Service

Our Focus

  • The Best Global Connectivity Platform For Our Customers

  • The Best Experience For Our Customers, Eco-system Partners and Employees

  • The Best Value Through Relentless Improvement and Cost Management

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